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Living with chutzpah provides the opportunity to constantly practice the soft skills defined by the World Economic Forum as the skills for the future. Chutzpah offers proven strategies for success to aspiring entrepreneurs, business executives, innovators, parents and policy makers.

Meir Brand, vice president of EMEA Emerging Markets, Google Inc.

“At the heart of Inbal Arieli’s eye-opening deconstruction of Israeli entrepreneurial DNA is the question, ‘How can we help our kids (and ourselves) learn and grow from failure?’ A fascinating read.”

SCOTT DULCHAVSKY, CEO, Henry Ford Innovation Institute

 “An exceptionally entertaining and informative book. . . . A must read for those interested in decoding what makes the Israeli innovation machine the most effective on the planet.”

ELLIS RUBINSTEIN, president and CEO of the New York Academy of Sciences

“Imagine learning how to empower your children to become leaders, to instill in entrepreneurial wannabes the traits that breed start-up success and to catalyze your own innovation ecosystem … all in one slim volume. Entertaining the reader with compelling personal stories, Arieli systematically decodes the secrets of success of the world’s most successful innovation nation.”

Robin Weiss, Investor

“In a masterful portrayal of Israeli entrepreneurialism, Arieli makes the counter-intuitive and eminently logical point: “Junkyard” training is a treasure. Controlled chaos breeds mental agility and improvisation…and…serves as a backdrop for the uniquely Israeli response: optimism, resilience, and breakthrough innovation. “

MICHAEL FERTIK, Founder and Managing Director, Heroic Ventures

 “If you want to understand what makes Israel, pound for pound, the single most dynamic nexus in the global entrepreneurial ecosystem, read this book right now. Arieli has given us a blueprint for the culture that has turned Israel into a powerhouse over the past two decades. Her account is entertaining, personal, and accurate.”

MATTHEW SWIFT, chairman and CEO of Concordia

“On my first-ever trip to Israel, Arieli showed me the remarkable ecosystem of entrepreneurship that exists in the country. You do not truly appreciate how remarkable this society is until you see it firsthand, and before you go, Chutzpah should be on the required reading list.”


Soft skills are similar to human physical anatomy: we all have the same muscles in our bodies, but we use them differently. It’s never too late to start practicing and strengthening your own
soft skills.”

Inbal Arieli, CHUTZPAH Author

InbaI Arieli

Inbal Arieli is an Israeli serial tech entrepreneur and influencer, featured as one of the 100 Most Influential people in Israeli hi-tech and as oneof the 100-tech-business-women-speakers 
in the world.

Born and raised on hummus and chutzpah, Arieli garnered her entrepreneurial skills during her mandatory military service, serving as a lieutenant in Unit 8200, Israel Defense Force’s elite intelligence corps. For the past 20 years, she embraced leading roles in the flourishing Israeli tech sector, and founded a series of programs for innovators. She is currently Co-CEO of Synthesis, a leadership assessment & development company.

Find your own ‘Chuztpah’

I invite you to join me on a journey through a typical Israeli childhood and its surprising resemblance to the lifecycle of a business.


Explore your target market
and value proposition


“A lot of what turned me into the entrepreneur I am, is the inspiration I got from my parents, and the support they provided me as a child, to explore my curiosity, doing things my way” (chapter 3)

Micha Kaufman , Founder and CEO, Fiverr


Validate your business’
raison d’etre


״The exceptionally talented people today, those who make real profound changes in our world, are not those who are extremely good at their profession but those who can connect the tastes from different worlds". (chapter 5)

Prof. Ran Balicer, Founding Director Clalit Research Institute


Create an optimal trial-and-error
process towards efficiency


“The obvious relationship between these programs and the world of an entrepreneur is this ability to create something that at first no one wants or understands the need for, and to then bring it to a place where it creates a significant change, where it becomes an inseparable part of society.” (chapter 9)

Sagy Bar, Founder and CEO Cyber Education Center


Think big. Think global.


“Thriving in a complex environment requires the ability to constantly move in the spectrum that lies between chaos and order”. (chapter 13)

Nadav Zafrir, Brig. Gen.(Res.) Co-Founder and CEO Team8


Reinvent and adapt to constantly
changing circumstances


“At its core,optimism is a matter of faith. You must believe that things will happen in a certain way. Beyond faith, optimism is also a tool, a mindset. It can be used to motivate and drive you forward, and there can be no entrepreneurship without an ounce of optimism”. (chapter 17)

Chemi Peres Co-Founder and Managing Partner Pitango Venture Capital

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