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What is it about Israeli culture that breeds so many entrepreneurs and innovators? When you start to break it down, you discover an entire language that encourages experimentation, failure and learning, agility and success - the language of Chutzpah spoken by all Israelis.


[ Chootz-pah ] Noun

Brutal honesty, usually at the price of sounding presumptuous, arrogant or rude.
Critical thinking


[ Tach-less ] Noun

The bottom line of a long discussion.
Complex problem solving
Taking initiative

Yihiye Beseder

[ Yi-hi-ye Be-se-der ] Phrase

Everything will be just fine. A critical mindset for entrepreneurs.
Active learning
Leadership & Social influence


[ Ba-la-gan ]Noun

Complex problem solving
Negotiation skills
A state of chaos with the promise of opportunity. When things have no preordained order, there is no template to follow. In Israel, the only cer­tain thing is uncer­tain­ty. Hence, we train for cop­ing with chaos on a dai­ly basis. A modern Hebrew word loan from Russian and Turkish.

“When we first approached the situation, all we saw was a huge Balagan! Took us some time to figure out how to reorder things, which to our surprise resulted in a solution we did not anticipate”.

Embrace uncertainty
Challenge the Obvious
Dare to Fail


[ Feer-goon ] Noun

Being truly supportive of and happy for someone.
Advanced communication skills


[ Leez-rohm ] Verb

Welcoming the unexpected.
Interpersonal skills & Empathy
Active learning


[ com-bee-na ] Noun

An unconventional solution to a problem.
Analytical thinking
System analysis & evaluation

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